Corporate Social Responsability

HNH Hospitality strives to be respectful of the communities and the environments where it is present. Discover the Group's Social Responsibility initiatives.

Corporate Social Responsability

We strive to be respectful of the communities and the environment where we are present.

Ethical and responsible business principles guide the way we work, as they promote a fair and transparent competition in the marketplace.

With the aim of maximizing our positive impact and create shared value with the people whose live we touch, we commit to environmental and social initiatives, always keeping up to date with new demands and needs for a sustainable tomorrow.


50% of our hotels have high environmental sustainability ratings

80% of our suppliers are local

CO2 emissions decreased by 50% in the last two years

100% of our hotels’ electricity is not produced by coal/oil/gas plants

Human Resources

50% of our Hotel Managers are women

62% of internship projects were converted into contracts

46% of our employ are women

Social Commitment

We have been actively involved in a development project in Guinea-Bissau for the past 6 years

We are strong supporters of local sporting activities and have partnered with the Umana Reyer Venezia basketball team and the BluVolley Verona volleyball team