Corporate Social Responsibility

HNH Hospitality strives to be respectful of the communities and the environments where it is present. Discover the Group's Social Responsibility initiatives.

ESG - Environmental, Social & Governance

The passion that HNH Hospitality puts in operating its business is mirrored in the values used to build a relationship with its Guests and its employees day after day. Human connection and the relationship
between humans and the environment acquire a fundamental value.

The initiatives dedicated to environmental sustainability, the enhancement of human capital and social commitment are the demonstration that “doing business” by pursuing social goals is a possible way to
combine the good of the community with that of the company.

The HNH Hospitality Group’s main ESG guidelines are outlined in the Code of Ethics, a document summarising the principles and ethical values that guide HNH Hospitality in its stakeholder relations and operations, and the Sustainability Report.


100% of our electricity
is generated by renewable sources

6,812 tons of CO2 saved
thanks to the use of clean energy

4 micro-cogeneration systems
operating by 2023

8 smart metering systems
in the Hotels

700 trees planted with Treedom in 9 countries
from 2019 to 2023

Year 2023 Data


+30 years
supporting a development project in Guinea Bissau

sports sponsorships

social projects supported
Fondazione Telethon, Pasticceria Giotto,
Croce Rossa Italiana- Caritas.

Year 2023 Data


hours of training in 2023

1,954 training hours
dedicated to safety

17 accidents
out of more than 1,188,155 hours worked

occupational diseases detected in the last 3 years

71% of the company population
reporting that «The Directors fully represent
the values of our company*

* Great Placeto Work® 2023 Survey

Year 2023 Data


HNH Hospitality SpA is particularly attentive to the prevention of risks that could compromise the responsible and sustainable management of its business: in order to offer employees and all stakeholders the opportunity to report any possible or alleged irregularities they may have become acquainted with, a Whistleblowing address has been opened.


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