Organizational Structure

Discover more about the Governance of our HNH Hospitality Group, a leading independent operator of 4- and 5-star hotels in Italy

Organizational Structure

The fast paced growth of HNH Hospitality triggered a process of centralization and specialization of a range of activities previously coordinated by the General Managers of the individual Hotels.

Our Group’s organizational structure now follows the centre-periphery model, placing at the centre the specialized tasks and at the periphery the activities related to the staff management and the guest care services.

The centralized management involves Business Development; the Administration Department, the Revenue & Sales Department, the Maintenance Department, the HR Department and the Marketing Department. In the periphery, the General Managers of the hotels have the role of guarantors and are responsible of the quality of the services offered to the guests.

The organizational structure adopted enabled flexibility and agility, harmonizing the processes of the Group and the synergy between the central decision-making and the operation in the individual hotels.


Through its business model, the HNH Hospitality Group has managed to systematize all the advantages given by the economies of scale.

As we strive for economic efficiency, ours is a continuous process of quality improvement that manifests itself in the qualitative and economic performance of our Group.



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