New openings, initiatives and results


Hnh Hotels and Resorts is now HNH Hospitality

The rebranding of the H.n.h Hotels and Resorts Group starts from hospitality.

H.n.h. Hotels and Resorts renews its image, strengthening the development path which, over the past two years, has led to new perspectives and strategic growth objectives.
An increasingly significant brand positioning in Italy’s hotel market and the awareness of the importance of customer service are the cornerstones of the Group’s rebranding.

Today, HNH Hospitality is born.

The iconographic change is the result of an important process that has brought to light the need to recount the experiences, history and identity of the Group, starting from its passion: hospitality.
HNH is first and foremost Hospitality, and it encompasses strong and deep-rooted values such as: tradition, which accounts for the invaluable know-how gained in over fifty years of experience in the world of hospitality, ambition, which Is reflected in the desire to grow and in the constant challenge of taking on new adventures, innovation, understood as openness to change and continuous updating, expertise, which characterizes all departments in accordance with the Group’s center-periphery model, and planning, necessary to achieve the objective through a strategic plan.

With a sophisticated and modern graphic layout, HNH Hospitality redefines its identity through a new coordinated image and a new logo: blue is still the key color, in continuity with the Group’s history, but it is enhanced into a deeper, more soothing and elegant nuance, with a distinctly more corporate connotation.
The entire visual identity system, implemented by Hangar Design Group, conveys dynamism and flexibility thanks to its diagonal element and an elegant color palette. The deep blue is complemented by a gray that softens the austerity and by a timeless powder blue, a very trendy hue.
The new logo is simple and iconic, the expression of a strong and mature personality, a reflection of the true and profound essence of HNH Hospitality.
The lettering relies on the formal style dictated by the graceful characters, able to evoke distinctiveness and refined elegance, combined with a more contemporary and minimal font.

Even the online presence of HNH Hospitality is revolutionized with the support of Mapo Studio: the site’s platform and graphic layout are updated, integrating the new image of the Group with the latest digital trends, both for desktop computers and the wireless world.
The various contents, incorporated in a clear and easily accessible manner, are also presented according to user customization logics.
Every soul of HNH Hospitality finds a clear location in the navigation structure, which always displays the contents of greatest interest, using geolocation. The recruiting section has also been upgraded, allowing users to easily browse job openings or submit speculative applications.

The rebranding of the Group represents an excellent starting point for HNH Hospitality, which closed 2018 with a turnover of € 37.1 million and growth in terms of personnel and properties.

2019 will be an important year, characterized by three new challenges: the upcoming openings of DoubleTree by Hilton Trieste, DoubleTree by Hilton Rome Monti and the Hotel Indigo Venice – Sant’Elena.