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HNH Hospitality: presented the results of the first 2023 semester

Revenues and occupancy rate superior to forecasts


The Board of Directors of HNH Hospitality S.p.A presented the results of the first 2023 semester.

In the period between November 2022 and April 2023, the Group has a totaled revenue of over 30.6 million euros, a figure that has grown sharply compared to the turnover of 18 million euros in the same semester the previous year.

In addition, upon closing the first semester on 30 April, HNH recorded the following results:

  • OR-Occupancy Rate at 65%, an increase compared to the same period last year (49.6%) and higher than forecast (60.5%);
  • ADR (average daily rate) reached €116.59, compared to €103.48 of the first semester in 2022.

As with revenue, the Occupancy Rate and ADR have also shown significant growth compared to the same period last year and have even surpassed forecasts.

During the first 2023 semester, HNH Hospitality has further expanded their offer through the management of Almar Timi Ama di Villasimius, in Sardinia. The structure is now known as Pullman Almar Timi Ama Resort & Spa and is managed by HNH in partnership with Accor.
It is the third structure of the Group under the Almar brand, an innovative concept developed and managed by HNH Hospitality.

HNH Hospitality positively closed 2022, a year in which they recorded an overall volume of overall operating income of 71.4 million euros. If compared to that of the previous year (34.8 million), the Group’s turnover has grown by 105%. The EBITDA recorded on 31 October 2022 by the HNH Group was 11 million euros (3.5 million in 2021) – with a statutory EBITDA, net of government aid, of 5.2 million (1.8 million in 2021) – while the statutory net profit reached 3.4 million.

We are experiencing a period of strong growth, as the results beyond the expectations of the first 2023 semester demonstrate, which show figures that have almost doubled compared to the previous year” – commented Luca Boccato, CEO of the HNH Hospitality Group. “We estimate to close the financial year (on 31/10) with overall revenue over 105 million and with an EBITDA margin higher than 2022, when it was 15%. A very positive result, made possible thanks to an OR we predict to be close to 2019 levels and with an growing ADR over 150 euros, fruit of strategic acquisitions in different regions and a far-sighted vision of the business, but also to the great professionalism and dedication that our resources show us every day”.