Services we offer

Thanks to the experience gained through the centralization of activities, H.n.H. can today confidently and inarguably deem itself a specialist to whom many independent hotels or entrepreneurs can and will refer for professional coaching during a critical phase of Hotel management or a brand new Hotel opening.

The elaboration of a business plan, the development of a socio-economic plan, the activity of revenue management, the monitoring of Brand Reputation, are just some of the services that H.n.H. provides to its customers. The experience and the effort dedicated to constantly innovate these activities are to the customers a guarantee of service excellence from a market leader.

In addition to these activities, H.n.H. offers a Hotel Management consulting and coaching program aiming to help entrepreneurs in the direct management of the Hotel. As management consultants, in accordance with the agreed- upon procedures defined with the business owner, H.n.H provides a continuous coaching service to the General Manager who can be selected with the contribution of its highly specialized employees.