The organizational structure

The fast paced growth of the Group and the strategic role played by the internet in today’s hospitality industry have triggered a process of centralization and specialization of a range of activities previously coordinated by the General Manager of each individual Hotel.

These duties have now been distributed and reassigned according to a center-periphery criterion.  At the center, the specific activities moved from the General Manager to the Head Office. At the periphery, the activities related to the management of employees and services aimed at the customers. In this perspective, the General Manager is the specialist who guarantees the service quality as perceived by hotel customers, and according to the logic of efficiency, she/he is also ultimately responsible for it.

For this reason, beginning 2006, some activities have been transferred from the periphery to the center; more specifically, duties once performed by the Manager of the individual Hotel have now been handed over to the Group’s Head Office.

This phenomenon, which began in 2006 with the implementation of a centralized Revenue management system, started a chain reaction that shaped, in its content, an actual organizational structure.

In a few cases the activities have been moved from the periphery to the center out of strategic and organizational needs, as it happened with Web Marketing and Administration for instance. In other cases, some roles and activities have been created ex-novo, like Brand Reputation and Energy Manager for example.